Axis Deer Hunting at Harriswood Plantation

The upper part of the body is bright rufus fawn with white spots. The under part of the body is a creamy white. There is a prominent white patch on the throat.
A darkish stripe runs down the center of the back from the nape to the tail.

The antlers are normally six-tined, consisting of a brow and a simple fork at the extremity of the main beam, generally with the shorter tine on the inside.

The beam, which curves backwards and outwards in a lyre-shaped formation, is usually about 26 inches long, and any antler measuring in excess of 30 inches is above average.

There is no fixed season and stags with growing antlers in velvet can be seen during any month of the year. The challenge call of the stag is a weird and wild sounding scream repeated several times.

Harriswood Plantation
Pond, MS
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