Red Deer / Stag Hunting at Harriswood Plantation

The general color of all races of the European Red deer is a rich reddish brown in summer, which becomes a greyish brown in winter. The caudal disc or rump patch is yellowish brown, and there may also be a dark dorsal stripe. Calves are spotted at birth, but after about the second month the spots are barely visible. Traces of spots are sometimes visible in the region of the dorsal stripe on an adult beast.


High up on the outside of the hind cannon bone there is a gland tuft. Prior to the rut, the stags develop a mane, and the neck swells. During the rut, the stag develops a lion-like roar with which he greets his challengers. At other seasons, the stag is generally silent but can and often does, bark when alarmed. The hind also barks when alarmed. During the rut, the hind will often make small nasal grunts - a noise which is sometimes imitated by hunters, as well as roaring, in order to attract a stag.

Harriswood Plantation
Pond, MS
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